Experience the Exotic Natural Flavor of Akili Original African Tea

Welcome to AkiliTea.com your online source for Akili Original African Tea. AkiliTea.com is dedicated to promoting the unique quality and health benefits of this specially blended black tea from Africa. Akili Original African Tea is a premium black loose tea that is produced exclusively in the Highlands of Eastern Africa. Akili African tea is naturally grown, carefully handpicked, and beautifully blended to create a rich, exotic, and exceptionally smooth tasting tea beverage.

Akili Original African Tea is a premium tea that is bought directly from tea cooperatives in Eastern Africa at fair market price. This uniquely blended black tea is shipped to the American market, and distributed exclusively by Akili Tea, Ltd. Choice tea leaves are hand picked by local villagers and processed by the local tea cooperatives. The tea leaves chosen for Akili Original African Tea are specially blended from the most carefully selected leaves of the tea plant, the Camellia Senensis bush. The leaves are then slowly dried, deepening and perfecting a robust, full-bodied black tea beverage with a satisfying flavor, that is naturally good for you.

Our focus is on delivering premium tea that is the essence of Authentic Africa. As America's appetite for fine ethnic foods increase, more discriminating tea drinkers are enjoying the natural and exotic flavor of Akili Original
African Tea

Akili Original African Tea was featured in Cooking Pleasures Magazine in 2005. Akili Tea was ranked against similar specialty products and received an overall product rating of 84% in quality, taste, appearance, uniqueness, and ease of preparation.

We invite you to try a cup of Akili Original African Tea soon. We hope you will visit our web site and online store often. Thank you.

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Akili Tea is committed to bringing the finest premium tea blend from East Africa to be enjoyed by tea drinkers in America, and the rest of the world. In doing so, Akili Tea will deliver to its' customers an enhanced health, wellness, and relaxation experience, while promoting greater appreciation for African culture, and ultimately encouraging social-economic growth opportunities for the people of Africa.





Akili Original African Tea is an exceptional premium tea, carefully blended to deliver a rich black tea beverage that has a smooth, exotic taste, and is naturally healthy. Treat yourself to a cup of Akili Original African Tea every day. Relax, and enjoy the premium tea that is Authentic African.